Thursday, January 14, 2016

Reading, Writing, and Reviewing- Welcome to My Blog!

One of the things everyone knows about me is that I'm a big reader. Some people brag if they read 20 books in a year. I feel like a slacker if I read less than 20 books a month.  Fiction, non-fiction, histories, biographies, sci-fi, fantasy, romance- I'm a pretty omnivorous reader.

I worked for almost 10 years at one of the largest independent book stores in the NorthEast, Book Revue, before going to Simmons College in Boston for a Masters in Library Science.  Now I'm the archivist/curator at the Imperial Valley Desert Museum in Ocotillo, California.  When I read a good book I recommend it to museum visitors (we have a branch of the Imperial County Free Public Library in the museum), and often recommend them to friends at Book Revue (everyone there knew I was the person to ask for romance and fantasy recommendations and that still often holds true!).

Now I've decided to go from just doing Amazon reviews to starting a book review blog. Hopefully I'll read enough of a mix that there will be titles that interest a range of people. Mostly I plan to review newer books but will probably mix in some older titles that I'm discovering for the first time.

Thanks for joining me in the book world!

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