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Fast Burn

Fast Burn (Body Armor) by [Foster, Lori]

Fast Burn (Body Armor Series)- Lori Foster
HQN Books
Release Date: March 20, 2018


Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead!

Synopsis:  The moment Brand Berry meets beautiful, driven Sahara Silver, the connection between them is electric. It’s also something he can’t pursue. Sahara wants him, sure—to join Body Armor, where his MMA skills, size and cocky attitude make him perfect for her elite crew of bodyguards. For Sahara, the agency always comes first, and Brand needs more. Yet when she’s kidnapped by men searching for her missing brother, he doesn’t hesitate.

Somewhere along the way, flirting with Brand for the sake of business turned very personal. Despite his refusal to join Body Armor, it’s Brand who steps up when Sahara needs him most. Now there’s no more time for games, and no point denying the hunger they both feel. They’ll escape together or not at all. But if they survive, can Sahara finally surrender control to claim this blazing passion?


Sahara Silver has always been convinced that her brother Scott isn't dead- despite all evidence to the contrary.  She's sure she would feel it if he was gone and has always tried to look at inheriting his Body Armor agency as keeping it in trust until he comes back.  Of course, she doubts he'd agree with some of her decisions- like hiring sexy ex-MMA fighters as body guards.  One particularly sexy, not quite ex-fighter she hasn't succeeded in hiring is Brand Berry.  He's interested, and he likes her, but she hasn't managed to seal the deal.  When she gets kidnapped by men looking for her brother Sahara is thrilled to know someone besides her thinks Scott is still alive- but not so thrilled at the danger she's in now.  Brand and his friends come to the rescue, and now its up to all of them to keep Sahara safe and find out what is going on before it's too late!

Readers of the Body Armor series (Close Contact, Hard Justice, Under Pressure) have been waiting for Sahara and Brand's story for awhile now.  It's obvious where the sparks between the two should lead- but how to get them there?  Sahara is a tough woman who's used to always being in control, Brand's a confident man who uses control to win his fights.  Both have to learn how to give and take to make a relationship work.  I liked how well Foster balanced Sahara's being the boss of a male dominated agency with Brand's convincing her she didn't have to be the boss outside of work as well- and she was allowed to have more of a life than just work!  That she could be a strong woman but still compromise in her private life.  He made it clear to her that he stood behind her when it was work related, and he wouldn't try to take control from her.  It was hard for Sahara to find that balance, and I wish we'd seen a little more of the relationships in her past that made her the way she is now, but by the end we saw enough of her relationship with Scott to make her attitude pretty understandable.  But Foster continues to give us strong, likable female (and male) characters who learn to balance toughness with softer emotions like love and be better for it by the end of the book.

The mystery behind Scott's disappearance and Sahara's kidnapping gets interesting and twisted, and without giving anything away I wonder if we'll be seeing more of Ross- the ringleader behind the kidnapping.  Fast Burn is a fast-paced page turner full of Foster's usual blend of wonderful characters, witty dialogue, and intriguing suspense.  While readers new to the series won't feel lost starting with this book (each in the series is stand alone), long-time readers will be happy to see characters they already know pop up along the way.  

A great book to end the Body Armor series.  Can't wait to see what Lori Foster has in store for us next!

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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